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Association of Friends of the Museum of Huelva Logo.
Association of Friends of the Museum of Huelva Logo.

The Association of Friends of the  Museum of Huelva (AMO) was formed in 2008 to direct the efforts of a group of individuals in support of the museum. These people collaborate with the museum in various fields. Another key feature is the cultural activities programme on offer to members.

Collaboration with the museum is aimed at achieving the following goals:
- to support cultural activities connnected with the research and analysis of historic and artistic heritage.
- to promote, publicise and manage all events connected with cultural aspects.
- to create a museum-city relationship by fostering the participation of the public, children, young people and adults in the museum and cultural world, given that the museum is an ideal vehicle for these activities.
- to promote the museum collections.
- to encourage donations of works to the Museum of Huelva.

Benefits of belonging to the association:
- attending lectures.
- participating in cultural excursions and tours.
- receiving regular updates on programmed activities and tours.

Chairwoman: Blanca Romay.
Secretary: Cinta Monsalvete.
Treasurer: Isabel Naylor.

Museum of Huelva
Alameda Sundheim,13
21003 Huelva
Tel. 959 650424 Fax. 959 650425
AMO meetings take place on Thursdsay from 11.30 to 13.30.