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Cuadra Dorada (Golden Room). The picture illistrates the Collection's  section
Cuadra Dorada (Golden Room)

The collection was begun a little before 1929, once it was decided to create a museum dedicated to the history of the city. From this point on, the museum?s first director, Antonio Gallego Burín, received the funding of the Comisaría Regia de Turismo, on which the museum depended to acquire noteworthy pieces which filled the previously designed space.

In order to do so, it was necessary to resort to the direct purchase from antique shops and the purchase of some private objects, such as those of the writer and journalist, Francisco de Paula Valladar. With time, other works came to the museum as a result of individual donations, which enriched both the museum collection and the library, focusing on the history of Granada, and its newspaper library, which gathers together press from Granada from the 18th century to date.

Among these contributions, the following are worth special mention: the legacy of the writer, Melchor Fernández Almagro, which includes a rich collection of letters, notably his correspondence with his friend Federico García Lorca; the donations by Antonio Gallego Morell, about Ángel Ganivet and his father, Antonio Gallego Burín; that by Ángeles Guerrero Ganivet, with photographs and documents of Ángel Ganivet; or the Seco de Lucena family, regarding the El Defensor de Granada archive.

More information can be found on the latest acquisitions in the Increase in Historic Heritage section.