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collections: restoration and conservation

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Altarpiece of the Nativity of Our Lord restored. Ilustrates the section
Altarpiece of the Nativity of Our Lord restored

Altarpiece of the Nativity of Our Lord

Unknown artist. Valencian School Circle of the Osonas
Circa 1500
Oil on board
109.6 x 84.5 cm
Donated by González Abreu, 1928

The work was analysed, studied and photographed. Following disinfestation, the support was cleaned, strengthened and and elements required for proper conservation were replaced.
The pictorial layer was fixed to the support and then the overpainting, varnish and dirt that covered the original painting were removed; the lacunae were filled in. The frame, added in the early 20th century and lacking sufficient strength to protect the painting, was replaced by another that was made for this work