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collections: suggested routes

Planta alta. Nueva ventana
Upper floor

Planta baja. Nueva ventana
Ground floor

The tour cannot vary greatly, due to the small dimensions of the Museum. We recommend beginning on the ground floor; at the entrance, below the Mudejar arches, the visitor will find an information board describing the former state of the house before becoming a museum and some large vessels such as a Roman dolium.

Having reached the patio, we recommend continuing through the Prehistoric hall, the entrepatio (an area located before the patio) and subsequently, through the patio, up to the first floor to visit the Iberian and colonisation hall, then the Visigothic and Muslim hall, ending with a tour through the upper gallery before returning downstairs.

This tour, which follows the logical layout of the rooms in the Mudejar House is structured, as far as possible, according to the chronological order of the pieces, however, due to spatial limits, the bigger pieces, such as the lions, architectural elements and gravestones from the Roman period or the large Iberian mills are located on the ground floor.