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collections: restoration and conservation

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subsección intervention in the exhibits
Condition of the piece after restoration was completed. Illustrates the Conservation and Restoration section
Condition of the piece after restoration was completed.

Restoration of a bell-shaped kratera

Bell-shaped kratera with red figures from Gil de Olid, Puente del Obispo.
Cultural Context: Late Iron Age. Iberian 475 BCE - 376 BCE


Face A: Gold fleece Scene of Jason in search of the fleece of gold facing Medea.

Face B: Youths with himation Three youths are wrapped in their himations, two looking to the right and one to the left. It depicts athletes with typical artefacts, such as strigils.

Rim: Laurel garland.
Below the representational scene: Border pattern. Meander frieze.

The object was discovered in a very fragmented and incomplete state, with significant surface deposits and different types of stains.

The interventions carried out were as follows:  mechanical cleaning of the surface, removal of deposits of earth and carbonate concretions.  Joining/adhesion of fragments, infilling in low relief and colour infilling with diluted plain ink.