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A tour of the Sala Fenicia (Phoenicia Exhibition Hall)
A tour of the Sala Fenicia (Phoenicia Exhibition Hall)

At present, in the Museum of Cádiz, there are 15 cultural volunteers including pensioners from  Spanish shipyard group Astilleros Españoles, secondary and primary school teachers, housewives, etc. The guided tours are aimed at schools and disadvantaged social groups. In 2004 alone, these cultural volunteers   provided guided tours to more than 18,000 visitors throughout Andalucía, Spain and European countries (exchange programmes).

-Firstly, schoolchildren most benefited from the tours: Primary, and Secondary schools in Andalucía, the rest of Spain and the European Union (in particular, France).

-Secondly, the following groups and associations also benefited: Adult Education Centres, Centres for Pensioners, Day Centres for the Elderly, Women?s Associations, Neighbours Associations, Patients Associations, etc.