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collections: growth of historical heritage


Decorative gold hoop (earring) from Caliphate period.

10th century or beginning of 11th century.
Archaeological excavation in Huerta de la Reina (in capital of Córdoba).

Gold filigree, thinly gold-plated. Due to the design and general characteristics, it can be linked to a pair of earrings from Lucena which are exhibited in our museum.

Set of Roman sculptures.

Archaeological excavation at C/ Duque de Hornachuelos, 8.

The general characteristics of this set, originally formed by a minimum of three sculptures, allows us to date it around the 2nd century AD. These pieces would have formed part of thermal baths.

Set of containers for make-up

Archaeological excavation at calle Afiligidos, at the corner with Alfonso XIII (Córdoba).

Ceramics decorated with the \"Green and Manganese\" technique.

Thin silver plated bronze ring

Archaeological excavation, carried out in the frame of Plan parcial de Electromecánicas (capital of Córdoba)

Welded bronze with cabochon and vitreous paste decoration.