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general information: services and installations

Store, islamic houses and library. La imagen ilustra la sección Servicios e Instalaciones
Store, islamic houses and library

Map of Route and Recommended Tour


Click here (pdf 781 kb in new window) to consult the information leaflet on the tour of the ensemble.


Shop and Reception Centre


The ensemble has a visitor reception centre situated inside the shop.


The team of guides will provide visitors with details of tours, museum spaces etc.


Exhibition and Teaching Area


North and South Towers of the Wall of La Vela


The South Tower offers an audiovisual presentation which tells the story of the city of Almería during the Islamic period and its sea-trading past in the first person. The tower has superb views of the city and the port and is therefore the ideal place to appreciate Almería's dominance at sea during the al-Andalus era.


In the North Tower, which has views of the defensive structures surround the city, a video explains the origin and historical development of the Alcazaba. 


Permanent Displays of the Arab Houses


The two Arab houses in the second enclosure were built in the 1960s based on a hypothetical interpretation of two Muslim homes. These museum spaces portray aspects of daily life. One of them represents typical spaces in an al-Andalus home and exhibits a series of subject-related objects. The other house displays archaeological remains from the 11th-century palace, such as building elements and the funerary world.


San Juan Chapel


This Mudéjar building serves as a lecture and screening room.


Temporary Exhibitions at the Torre del Homenaje


A fully equipped area where the Andalusian Photography Centre regularly exhibits its graphic works.


Conservation and Research Area


Specialised Library


The library has a significant number of books from different subject areas, ranging from prehistory, medieval history and archaeology in general to museums, film, music etc. There is also a newspaper and periodicals library that stocks regional, national and international journals. Access to the facilities is restricted to the ensemble's personnel and accredited researchers. Click here (new window) to consult the library collection and the Network of Documentation Centres and Specialised Libraries of Andalusia.


Archaeology Workshop


This is where archaeological field research is carried out. The workshop also has a fully equipped basement area for the temporary storage of material found at the excavations.




The administration area is situated at the eastern point of the ensemble, at the Baluarte del Saliente, and is where research, conservation, promotion and general supervision tasks are carried out.