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research history

Castle of Santa Eufemia. Illustrates the Research History section
Castle of Santa Eufemia

Shortly after the city's definitive abandonment in the 15th century, the site was visited by humanists such as Andrea Navagero and Ambrosio de Morales, who initiated a tradition of research and recovery of the remains that continues to this day.

The first research began with the creation of the Archaeological Museum of Linares in 1956 at the initiative of Rafael Contreras de la Paz who worked to create the museum and for the state's acquisition of the land on which Cástulo stands. Renowned researchers such as Claude Domergue, Álvaro D'Ors, Gloria Trias, Antonio Arribas, etc. took part in this research. Then, from 1969, José María Blázquez took charge of the operations which continued until 1991.  From then until 2011 the government of Andalusia has promoted the excavations, restoration, consolidation and maintenance of Cástulo, and has also developed the museum.

A new phase of research at Cástulo was set in motion in 2011 when the "FORVUM MMX" project began under the direction of the Regional Ministry of Culture in co-operation with the Andalusian Institute of Iberian Archaeology at the University of Jaén (UJA), and promoted by Linares Town Council with sponsorship from the Andalusian Ministry of Innovation.